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Open-source code, transparent pricing, backed by a non-profit.

Perfected by Voters and Election Administrators

The short film How We Vote Here chronicles how VotingWorks partnered with election officials and voters in Choctaw County, Mississippi to build and continually improve their voting system.

Hand-Marked Paper Ballots Printed on Demand

Prepare, proof, and print ballots on-demand. Standard paper sizes and weights reduce the cost of paper ballots to 6¢ per ballot. A clean and simple ballot designed for and refined by voters.

Ballot Marking Device

Our ADA-compliant ballot marking device is easy to transport, easy to use, and only $1,550.

High-Speed Central Scanner

Scan and adjudicate ballots quickly and reliably. Easily scan in parallel on multiple units for larger jurisdictions. Very affordable even for smaller jurisdictions at $2,750.

Free Equipment for Pilots

Upgrading your voting equipment is an important decision. You should be able to try our products before you buy them. That's why we've helped dozens of jurisdictions pilot VotingWorks for free.

Full support. $0.75 per registered voter per year.

5-year warranty. Annual on-site software upgrades. Support services.

No software license fees. No database construction fees. No hidden fees.

Run elections with equipment your voters can trust.

Reach out to our team of election experts today.

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