The Simplest System

Open-source software, transparent pricing, backed by a non-profit.

Hand-Marked Paper Ballots

Prepare, proof, and print ballots on-demand that have a simple design for voters.

Standard paper sizes and weights reduce the cost of paper ballots to $0.06 per ballot sheet.

Ballot Marking Devices

Our accessible ballot marking device (BMD) is transportable and built to modern accessibility standards.

VxMark BMDs produce a voter-verifiable paper ballot that voters review before casting.

Precinct Scanning

Voter-facing screen collapses into a tamper-evident ballot box on wheels for ease of setup and transportation. An inner tamper-evident ballot bag securely holds ballots.

VxScan provides voters feedback for second-chance voting if a ballot is blank or overvoted.

High-Speed Central Scanning

Centrally scan and adjudicate ballots quickly in batch. Scan in parallel on multiple VxCentralScan units for larger jurisdictions.

Pictured is our smallest central scanner designed to affordably implement rapid absentee ballot scanning.

Trusted by Mississippi Election Officials

VotingWorks designs products with election administrators and continually improves their voting system.

Warren County

Marshall County

Choctaw County

Lawrence County

Free Equipment for Pilots

Try our voting system for free before you buy it.

All VotingWorks equipment is designed and assembled in the United States.

COTS Hardware Sold At-Cost

VotingWorks sells commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware at-cost that is assembled and installed by VotingWorks.
Hardware component pricing includes a 5-year warranty and is consistent across jurisdictions.

VxAdmin - EMS & BoD
VxCentralScan - Central Scanner
VxMark - Ballot Marking Device
VxScan - Precinct Scanner

Quick Results Reporting

After tabulating ballots, every VotingWorks scanner prints a results report with a digitally-signed QR code.

Election officials scan the code to instantly report accurate results.

Remote Ballot Marking

Provide equal vote-by-mail opportunity to all voters — without sacrificing privacy or security — through accessible ballot marking at home and voter-verifiable paper ballot return.

Voters receive their ballot electronically to then mark, print, and mail.

Simplify elections with a system your voters can trust.

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