About VotingWorks

VotingWorks was founded in 2018 by Ben Adida and Matt Pasternack. Our mission is to build election technology that earns voters' trust. We believe that this trust is earned only by being publicly accountable for everything we do. That's why we're the only non-profit voting system vendor in the United States, why all of our source code is publicly available for review the moment we write it, and why we actively work in the open with leading academics in the fields of voting security and usability.

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Executive Director

Dr. Ben Adida, co-founder and Executive Director of VotingWorks, leads our product and engineering efforts. A world-renowned election security expert who regularly speaks about election security at leading conferences, Ben received his PhD from MIT's Cryptography and Information Security group, where he focused on election security. Ben has led product & engineering teams for 20 years with a focus on security and privacy.