Risk-Limiting Audits with Arlo

Arlo is a secure tool for conducting Risk-Limiting Audits (RLAs). It was developed by VotingWorks with support from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The code for Arlo is open-source and freely available for anyone to use. VotingWorks optionally provides hosting and support to states and local jurisdictions.

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Confirming the Winner

How do we know that our votes are counted correctly? Experts believe that a risk-limiting audit is the most efficient and effective way to confirm the winner.

How does an RLA work?

A risk-limiting audit examines a random sample of paper ballots, comparing them to the machine count to ensure that the winner actually won. The number of votes needed to manually count depends on the margin of victory. The closer the margin, the more votes we manually count. The RLA confirms that, if a full hand-tally were performed, it would give the same outcome.

Support for Any State

Running a risk-limiting audit can vary from state to state, depending on the proportion of mail ballots and the type of scanning equipment used. Arlo, the VotingWorks tool to run RLAs, is flexible and supports any jurisdiction as long as there are paper ballots. Arlo supports ballot polling, batch comparison, ballot comparison, or hybrid audit methods.

Simple Software-as-a-Service Pricing

Hosted Arlo subscriptions are $0.0075 per registered voter per year with a $15,000 minimum.

Risk-Limiting Audit Services

Our team of election experts will guide you through your risk-limiting audits, from introductory training webinars to full-service RLA management.

Hosted State Arlo Subscription

$0.0075 per registered voter per year ($15,000 minimum)

Training Webinars

$500 / webinar

RLA Management

Includes timeline plan, random seed generation, tool prep, and post-audit reporting.

$3,000 / RLA

Single Jurisdiction RLA Pilot

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Concierge Services

Includes project management, local jurisdiction support, ballot manifest review, ongoing audit data analysis, as well as internal and external communication.

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Ballot Storage and Chain of Custody Consulting

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Start Confirming Election Outcomes

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