Secure Remote Ballot Marking — Not Internet Voting

Provide equal vote-by-mail opportunity to all voters — without sacrificing privacy or security — through accessible ballot marking and voter-verifiable paper ballot return.

Voters receive their ballot electronically to then mark, print, and mail.

Accessible to Every Voter

Designed to modern accessibility standards, the remote ballot marking (RBM) interface is plug-and-play with voters' USB assistive devices and screen readers on all major platforms.

RBM exceeds UOCAVA & MOVE Act compliance with a simple ballot delivery and marking experience for military & overseas voters.

$0.015 Per Registered Voter Annually

VotingWorks Remote Ballot Marking starts at $0.015 per registered voter per year.

Additional one-time implementation fees based on custom state integration needs.

RBM is Not Internet Voting

After marking, the voter prints a voter-verifiable paper ballot to be returned by mail.

Ballot marking is performed entirely on the client-side and no voter selections are sent to any remote server.

All VotingWorks source code is open-source, available on GitHub for review, and undergoes testing by election security experts.

Start offering equal Vote-by-Mail access to all voters.

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